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There are a number of ways in which you can donate to Kindfund:

donate with give.netA great advantage of is that they can collect Gift Aid for UK taxpayers from HMRC on our behalf.

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As a charity we benefit from a low donation fee rate of 1.4% with Paypal.
direct bank transfer

Direct Bank Transfer is a fast and secure way to donate to Kindfund. It would be helpful—but not essential—if you identify your lodgement or alternatively email details of the transfer to us.

USD (US Dollar)

  • Beneficiary bank: Equity Bank Ltd
  • Swift code: EQBLKENA For credit to: 0410263988887
  • Branch: ISIOLO

KES (Kenyan Shilling)

  • Beneficiary bank: Equity Bank Ltd
  • Swift code: EQBLKENA
  • For credit to: 0410290724105
  • Branch: ISIOLO

GBP (Pound Sterling)

  • Beneficiary bank: Bank of Ireland UK
  • Swift Code: BOFIGB2B
  • Sort Code: 904886
  • For credit to: 39354359
  • A/C Name: KINDFUND
  • IBAN GB38 BOFI 9048 8639 3543 59
  • Branch: Enniskillen

EUR (Euro)

Within the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) donations can be made to Kindfund's EUR account on the same basis as the donor's national payments.

  • Beneficiary bank: Bank of Ireland
  • Swift Code: BOFIIE2D
  • Sort Code: 904835
  • For credit to: 81565045
  • A/C Name: KINDFUND
  • IBAN IE70 BOFI 9048 3581 5650 45
  • Branch: The Diamond Donegal
postal donations

Donations to Kindfund may be made by post to:
BT93 1TP

If you are a UK taxpayer please remember to complete a Gift Aid Declaration Form .

fundraise with give.netSet up a fundraising page to attract donations for your Kindfund fundraising effort.

world outreach ministries

donate with womOur USA supporters can now get a tax-deductible receipt when giving to Kindfund. Just follow the link and type 'Kindfund' to give with, or check their alternative ways to donate.

algemeen nut beogende instelling

Kindfund heeft per 03-02-2017 een ANBI-verklaring (een Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling) door de belastingdienst toegewezen gekregen. Dit betekent dat uw sponsorbijdrage, donatie of gift aan Kindfund fiscaal aftrekbaar is.

U kunt dit controleren met het programma ‘ANBI opzoeken’ van de belastingdienst

Ons meest recente jaarverslag met financieel verslag, rapportage van de uitgevoerde activiteiten en ons beleid voor het komende boekjaar kunt u hier: bekijken. Er is geen bezoldiging voor bestuursleden. Zij ontvangen alleen een vergoeding voor daadwerkelijk gemaakte kosten.

Meer informatie over de ANBI beschikking en het aftrekken van giften kunt u lezen op

RSIN: 8243.61.404

[As of 3 February 2017 Kindfund has been granted ANBI status by the Dutch Tax Service (Belastingdienst). This means that your sponsorship, donation or gift to Kindfund is tax deductible on your income.

You can check our registration on the ANBI site

Our most recent committee reports and financial statement can be downloaded here: Board members receive no remuneration. All donors are eligible to attend our AGM, usually in May of each year.

For further information on the ANBI decision and the deduction of gifts please see

Belastingdienst Registration Number (RSIN): 8243.61.404]

give as you live

Give with Confidence

As a member of the Fundraising Standards Board, we have made a public promise to adhere to best practice, honesty, transparency, clarity and accountability in all fundraising activity, enabling you to give with confidence. We hope that our membership will build trust and confidence in charitable giving and ultimately encourage more people to provide vital support for the children and disadvantaged of the poorest tribes living in the semi-arid areas of Northern Kenya.

Our Fundraising Promise to You

  • We are committed to high standards
  • We are honest and open
  • We are clear
  • We are respectful
  • We are fair and reasonable
  • We are accountable

Should you have any concerns about the way we fundraise, we have a robust complaints process. We encourage you to get in touch with your feedback. However, if you are unsatisfied with the way we handle your concerns, you can also contact the Fundraising Standards Board directly.

To make a complaint to us, please call +44(0)7746 409064 or email us at this address.Fundraising Standards Board

Publicity & Fundraising

Provide us with speaking opportunities in your place of work, your church or your community – please email your details or call Ken on +44(0)7802894380, Jonathan on +44(0)7738178250 or Gillian on +44(0)776170847.

Talk to others about what we are doing and share our news stories using our social media links.

Organise a fundraising activity making use of the fundraising pages you can set up easily at

If you are fundraising for us, please download our Kindfund Fundraising Pack which, as well as suggesting some useful ideas, will explain to you the standards we adhere to as members of the Fundraising Standards Board.


Choose a Kindfund Gift Card or Christmas Card from as little as £5 as an alternative present for that special occasion. Use our Gift Cards instead of birthday presents, wedding, Mother’s/Father’s Day, retirement or anniversary presents, or in lieu of flowers. Select one of our attractive cards for the person you wish to bless and the gift will then be used to help children in need in the way you choose.

kindfund gift cards, christmas cards and more

Kindfund Christmas Gift Card Ideas
£5 Provide 15 Meals £5 Provide Nappies and Baby clothes £5 Eating Set (Bowl & Spoon x 10)
£5 School Uniform £5 School Text Book £5 Stopwatch
£5 Chair £5 Bible £5 Blanket
£5 Toiletries £5 Water Containers x 2 £5 Christmas Present
£5 Medical Treatment £50 Baby milk for 1 month £10 Provide 30 Meals
£10 Dictionary £10 Bag of Cement (50kg) £10 Birth Certificate
£10 Sports Equipment £10 Scientific Calculator £10 Mosquito Net
£15 Provide 45 Meals £15 Mattress and Blanket £15 Solar Lamp
£20 School Desk £30 Fresh Vegetables & Meat for 50 Children £30 Support teacher for 1 term
£50 Solar Battery £100 Supporting Water Projects £60 Baby Cot

Parents—remember that our Christmas cards can be the ideal gift for a teacher at Christmas!

Gift/Christmas Cards from £5 are available which will directly support the following:
Children’s homes development
Furnishings – bunk beds, sheets and blankets
Children’s meals
Children’s clothing
Bibles and Bible-learning materials
Classroom building
School meals
School desks and school starter kits (pencil, pen, rubber and paper)
School uniforms
School shoes
School and library books
Support a teacher at our own school
Support an unqualified teacher from one of our schools through part time teacher training
Health – medical treatment, malaria medicine, mosquito nets
Water – borehole digging, hand pump provision, maintenance & repair
Sanitation – digging and building latrines

Gift/Christmas Cards are also available which will provide relief food supplies; or you may tailor the wording on the card to your specific purpose by chatting with Gillian on +44(0)7761470847 or William on +44(0)7719 662 473.

Email us if you would like to know more about Gift Cards or Christmas Cards.

Child Sponsorship

Child Sponsorship and Regular Giving provide invaluable lifelines for Kindfund. More information is available on our Child Sponsorship page, should you wish to consider supporting us in this way.

As of 2018 Kindfund supports:

  • 250 children in a total of five nursery schools
  • 90 children at two small primary schools
  • 125 children in three Kindfund homes
  • 25 children in secondary education
  • 20 blind/partially sighted children to Isiolo School for the Visually Impaired
  • 5 children from remote villages to Isiolo School for the Hearing Impaired
  • 75 children on our daily meal programme

100% of donations and sponsorship contributions go directly to our projects in Kenya (excluding fees where used). All UK/Ireland administration is provided by volunteers who meet all overhead costs themselves, or are supported locally by others. All travel expenses—including to Kenya—are covered by each individual who is travelling. Visitors to Kindfund projects must cover their own costs whilst in Kenya.

Thank you for showing the love of God and for making a difference.

Kindfund was established as a charity in 2004 to further the gospel of Jesus Christ and to help relieve poverty amongst some of the poorest tribes in northern Kenya, working with the pastoralist Turkana, Samburu and Rendille.

We currently use 5 tonnes of food and supplies per month, providing for 125 children in 4 homes and 250 children in nursery and primary education.

We have dug 7 wells and fitted 7 handpumps, bringing safe water to remote villages.

100% of gifts go to Kenya.

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Registered with The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland NIC100121 and accepted as a Society in Kenya 26316