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# First new baby in 2020

the first just a week old will be with us today

This month September 2020 we have been approached by Government to rescue three babies from

very tragic but wholly different circumstances. After discussions it looks like a relative will take one of them and the first just a week old will be with us today. Investigations are still proceeding in respect of the other baby and we await the recommendation of the County Child Co-ordinator.

We are gearing up our baby unit and purchasing provisions to welcome the new arrivals. There is an air of excitement among the Kindfund family as they prepare to welcome the babies.

added on Sep 14

# Baptism at Wamba

We were pleased when five of them stayed the course

In 2019 we were approached by several of our older teenagers who had been participating in a Friday evening bible study group. They had been discussing

baptism and requested if they could be baptised. We agreed that we would ask a local pastor to organise a class for them and if they still wanted to be baptised, they could be at the end of the teaching.
“…. go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” Matt 28 v19
We were pleased when five of them stayed the course and were baptized. The group included three boys and two girls all in their middle teens. Nzau, the manager at Wamba had the pleasure of witnessing this joyous occasion. The service was led by a local pastor.

added on Sep 7

# Home under Covid

Despite the restrictions life has been going on and management and staff have borne up to the challenge remarkably well

Covid Hand washing

I thought you would like to know how the children and staff have been getting along under Covid shutdown. I have therefore selected some photographs which I think illustrate what has been happening.

Despite the restrictions life has been going on and management and staff have borne up to the challenge remarkably well.
The Government acted quickly in March to close down the Country as soon as the first cases were identified. You know Gillian was by the grace of God able to return to NI at the end of March. During that period we equipped the homes with sanitizer and masks and issued guidance to them to reduce the risk of transmission. Schools were closed and we re-employed most of our teachers as tutors as we replaced school with Home tuition. We could not, for the sake of their health and general discipline have so many children idle.
Previous reports describe hardships being experienced by many and the action we took in one situation.
In the homes we have organised some special activities for the children. We have had a birthday celebration for everyone in each home. Many children are unaware of the date of their birthdays so a general celebration was organised. Team sports have been a feature for the older children at Wamba.
Of course all the normal things have continued and this has included hospital visits for those ill and two children obtained long awaited surgery. Management has been reporting to us here formally on a monthly basis although hardly a day goes past without some contact thanks to Whats App and Messenger. Routine maintenance continues along with monthly shopping although we have taken steps to pay bills electronically and pay many staff to their telephones to avoid the need for visits to Isiolo the County town.
We give thanks for Raphael and Bosco two of our local Trustees who have helped management with advice and guidance on the ground. We also thank the local Government administration which after some initial confusion has rowed in behind our management with support.

added on Aug 4

Please Pray

Pray for smooth and peaceful transition for the babies to Kindfund

Pray that other children will mature into their faith

Give thanks for team spirit and staff loyalty and for children's co-operation

Give thanks for a productive and team building few months

Give thanks for the God incidents on Gillian's way home

Pray for God's protection for the homes, children and staff

That we are able to do more

That relief will come for the villagers impacted by the closure of their markets

Let us also pray for Kindfund family in this current situation of corona virus.

Thank God for the bond between Lea and the children and that she has an answer to her prayer

Pray seed sown will germinate and produce fruit

Pray for all the work of Kindfund

Health, safety and the right things to share as they meet supporters

Please pray for the girl and a good outcome for her

[ Contact Daphne Lucas if you would like to know more about supporting us through prayer ]

'And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests'
Eph 6:18

Kindfund was established as a charity in 2004 to further the gospel of Jesus Christ and to help relieve poverty amongst some of the poorest tribes in northern Kenya, working with the pastoralist Turkana, Samburu and Rendille.

We currently use 5 tonnes of food and supplies per month, providing for 125 children in 4 homes and 250 children in nursery and primary education.

We have dug 7 wells and fitted 7 handpumps, bringing safe water to remote villages.

100% of gifts go to Kenya.

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