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# Time for work

We now have a fully fledged trained gardener


It may be Bank Holiday Monday but at Manoo it was time for some serious work.

Today we decided gardening would be a good way to relax and Nzau was keen to get to grips with some of the equipment. We now have a fully fledged trained gardener. He enjoyed getting on the ‘Bob the Builder’ gear, wellies and being let loose on the grass.
Next job will be the chain saw and some logging and splitting with an axe. Ken will be sorry to see him go home

added on May 6

# The new St Columbanus

Exploring the Christian Heritage at Bangor Abbey where St Columbanus studied

St Nzau

Nzau and Esther continue their exploration of Northern Ireland with a visit to Bangor Co Down.

After their stay with Daphne in Co Antrim and the fresh artic air of the North Coast they have moved to join Heather in County Down. Exploring the Christian Heritage at Bangor Abbey where St Columbanus studied before going on his missionary journeys across Europe in the 6th Century has been exciting and gave Nzau the opportunity to dress in mediaeval monks attire.

A visit to the Friday mornings mens fellowship (over 100 men) at West Church Bangor proved encouraging before relaxing at the local gardens.

They are taking the opportunity to meet many Kindfund supporters in North Down at West Church on Sunday morning before journeying back to Fermanagh for their final week

added on May 4

# A time to relax

The BES International Conference has given us the opportunity to bless

Causeway Nzau and Esther

Nzau has been the manager of our Children’s Home at Wamba Samburu Kenya for 10 years this year. The home houses 62 of our children and Standards 2 to 8 of Kindfund Hope Primary School so it is a very busy and demanding environment.

The BES International Conference has given us the opportunity to bless Leonard and his wife Esther by extending their stay in Northern Ireland to have time together and relax enjoying the beauty of the countryside and the people involved with Kindfund at this end.

This week is in Counties Antrim and Down while next week they will be back in Fermanagh with a visit to Londonderry

added on May 2

Please Pray

Health, safety and the right things to share as they meet supporters

Please pray for the girl and a good outcome for her

Pray for the baby boy and the staff caring for him

Pray for the Secondary school children with Ngaremara secondary closed for 4 weeks

Pray for peace and reconciliation and for those engaged in peace making

Safety for Kindfund family at Ngaremara and end to police raids

Pray for Dorcas that she will be healthy and will come to know Jesus

Give thanks for an abundance of rain in April 2018

Please pray for the Laroche family as they seek to develop the facilities with our support

[ Contact Daphne Lucas if you would like to know more about supporting us through prayer ]

'And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests'
Eph 6:18

Kindfund was established as a charity in 2004 to further the gospel of Jesus Christ and to help relieve poverty amongst some of the poorest tribes in northern Kenya, working with the pastoralist Turkana, Samburu and Rendille.

We currently use 5 tonnes of food and supplies per month, providing for 125 children in 4 homes and 250 children in nursery and primary education.

We have dug 7 wells and fitted 7 handpumps, bringing safe water to remote villages.

100% of gifts go to Kenya.

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